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Good morning Boys and Girls,

I am posting this early because I am back to school and have set hours again.  It feels great to be back but I am missing all of you here as well.  It is way to quiet for my liking.  Hopefully, I will see you all again in September.  Meanwhile, this is your final week for official  "Home Learning."  We all know you are learning at home all of the time but perhaps not formally as you have been during these last few months. 

I want to encourage each of you to continue to read and write a little every day over the summer months.  Perhaps you write the grocery list for Mom or write out the chores you have for the day.  Write a letter to a friend or relative letting them know what you are up to.  Keep a journal of events and feelings.  Just do a little so you won't be rusty in the fall and we can get right to work again.

I would also like to encourage you to spend some time outdoors each day.  Remember to wear sunscreen and drink lots of water but outdoor time is terrific for everyone.  My Grandfather used to tell me "outside is good for the body and mind."  I think he was right.

I look forward to seeing you all in September!  

Mrs. Vickers



I would like to remind each of you about Estimation.  When we "estimate" we make an "educated guess."  We don't just pull any number out of the air, but rather we think about what would be reasonable.  For example:  If I asked you how many students go to Millerton School and you said " a thousand,"  that would not be a reasonable estimate.  It would show me that you have no idea how many a thousand is.  If you said " a hundred," that would be close.  It would show me that you have an idea of how many a hundred is.  Millerton School actually has around 82 students but that is very close to 100 so it is a good estimate.

Sometimes when we estimate it helps to have a "referent."  A "referent" is something you can "refer" to that will help you to measure something.  For example:  If you know what 10 buttons looks like, then you can look at a dish of buttons and better estimate how many buttons are in the dish.

Another example would be if you were to extimate the length of a book and you said that your finger is approx. 1 cm wide.  You could better estimate how long your book was by looking at your finger vs. the  length of the book.  That way you could give a reasonable estimate.

Practice using a referent at home to make estimates.  If ten chocolate chips looks like this.  How many do I estimate are in the bag?  An estimate doesn't have to be an exact measurement, just reasonably close.

I would recommend that Grade 2 and 3 review all of the lessons I have sent home over the months and make sure that they are comfortable with each of the concepts.  We will be forced to do some review of concepts that were not taught here at school but the more familiar you are with them the quicker we can go through the review and get to the next grade level learning.  It is new territory for all of us so we will work through it together in the fall.  

Grade 3 (estimating sums)

Estimating sums can be done one of three ways:

- Tens only     27 + 32 =       you would think 20 + 30 = 50          My estimate is 50.

- Round both numbers to the nearest ten          27 + 32 =       30 + 30 = 60     My estimate is 60

Remember when rounding a number to the nearest ten you look at the number in the ones place.  If is 5 or above you "round up" to the next group of ten.  If the number in the ones place is 4 or below you leave the tens place as is.

-Round one number to the nearest ten  27 + 32 =        30 + 32 = 62

You will notice that all three methods will give you a different estimate but then are close to each other and reasonable.  An estimate is not an "actual."



Grade 2 - 15 mins. per day

Grade 3 - 20 mins. per day



-Make sure that whatever type of written work you are doing, that you observe the rules for capital letters, punctuation and try to use spelling patterns you know.  Writing and not using what you know is not terribly valueable in improving your writing skills. Neatness is also important to the reader.


Don't forget Father's Day coming up on June 21st.  Why not make a nice card for Dad or Grampie or a special man in your world.


I wish you all a safe and happy summer.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at home (622-0238).See you in September!

Mrs. Bonnie Vickers








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