Posted: May 17, 2013

Mango mania is back again this month with Go for 42. For the next 5 weeks there will be posts on the website fivinig you information about being physically active, nourishing your body to enable it to keep active and encouraging students to particiate in the Go for 42 challenge at school. Won't you join us for the Mango Kids Fun Run on Sunday June 23rd at the Lindon Recreation Center, Miramichi?   Did you know that being physically active for at least 60 minutes a day will: Help you grow stronger, improve your health and fitness, and Help you to do better in school. There are 3 types of Physical activity: Endurance activities such as running, swimmiing and jumping help strengthen the heart and lungs. Flexibility Activities - such asgymnastics and dancing help improve your ability to bend, stretch and reach. Strength building activities such as climbing or swinging across the playground ladder help build strong muscles and bones.  Some of the many ways kids can stay physically active are by walking to school, playing sports, riding their bicycle, and playing outside with friends.       KEEP ACTIVE!