Grade 4/5 Literacy

Posted: January 25, 2022

Hello, my Grade 4/5 Literary geniuses! I hope you’re staying warm…brrr!  :)

Today please start on Rule 11 Possessive Pronouns


Highlight the following on page 1 of Rule 11:

  • There are two kinds of possessive pronouns. They do not require an apostrophe.
  • One kind is used before a noun.
  • The second type stands alone.


Complete page 2 of Rule 11: Fill in the Blanks


Part A – fill in the blank using the correct possessive pronoun by using the list in the box

Part B – write 1 sentence using my, 1 sentence using our and 1 sentence using their


Also, reminder to please work on your newspaper articles. At this point I’m hoping that you have finished at least one of your chosen 3 parts (a, b, c, d, or e). You should be working on another one of your choices. Some of the parts have 2 items so make sure you have done both parts!!  


Big Virtual Hugs!!

Mrs. Barry