Grade 4/5 Literacy

Posted: January 28, 2022

Hello, my Grade 4/5 Literary geniuses! I hope you’re ready for the snow!  :)

Today please finish up your 25 Rules, you should have completed up to (but not including) Rule 12! Also, work on your newspaper articles. At this point I’m hoping that you have finished at least two of your chosen 3 parts (a, b, c, d, or e). You should be working on your last choice. Some of the parts have 2 items so make sure you have done both parts!! Please bring all your work with you to school on Mon when you come!!


I want to inform you of a change when you return to in person learning on Monday. I will no longer be your literacy teacher when you come back!! As it turns out, the French intensive program ends today so Mr. Green will now take over teaching English literacy in the morning. I have truly enjoyed teaching you all and will miss reading your wonderful writing and seeing you every day in class! When you finish your February edition of your newspaper, I WANT ONE!!!


Big Virtual Hugs!!

Mrs. Barry