Grade 4/5 Literacy

Posted: January 13, 2022

Hello, my Grade 4/5 Literary geniuses! I hope you’re staying warm…bbrrrr!  :)


      Today, we are starting our next ‘Millerton News’ newspaper edition for February. You will have the entire at-home learning time to complete this assignment. As you are at-home learning creating the newspaper will look a little differently.  I will have everyone do the different parts of the newspaper (that you choose individually), and then when you return to school in your groups (groups will be different, you will find out what group you are in when you return) you will vote on the best one in your group. Then we will open the voting to the whole class to pick (anonymously) what goes into the newspaper!


  • All work must be done on Office 365…Please contact the school if you forget your login or password 627-4090. When you have completed the newspaper parts that you have chosen you can SHARE it with me at melissa.barry
  • Remember the newspaper is for the month of February…. themes to consider Valentine’s Day, Family Day, leap year, winter weather, winter sports (ice skating, ice fishing, snowmobiling)
  • Please choose 3 parts (example a, c and d) of the newspaper out of the following 5.

a)     An article about ‘how to’ do something with step-by-step procedures and pictures i.e., homemade Valentine’s cards, snow quinzhee etc.

b)     Movie or TV Series Review and Joke

c)     A current events article about Covid 19 in 2022 OR At Home Learning OR Your Own Choice

d)     Calendar for the month of February and Word search (make sure you have a theme)

e)     A personal short story or reflection (funny, scary or serious) about something that happened to you in the past

Please email me at if you have any questions.

Thinking of you all!!