Grade 2 Math

Posted: January 19, 2022

Hello my Grade 2 mathematicians! It’s a cold day!     :)

Put your thinking caps on for this one... You know what seems odd to me?......Numbers that can’t be divided by 2!! LOL

 You will need spaghetti, macaroni and rice to use for the math!


a)     Please select 5 small items from your living room…it could be a TV remote, coaster, lamp, throw pillow etc. and measure each item first with the macaroni, then with the spaghetti and lastly with the rice. On a piece of paper, write down your findings like this:    (you can make a chart if you want)

Example…  = 14 macaroni     1 spaghetti      30 rice

b)     Please select 2 big items like the couch, TV, coffee table etc. and ESTIMATE (close guess) how many macaroni you think you would use, then how many spaghetti and lastly how much rice. Use your actual numbers from measuring big items in the kitchen and bedroom to make a close guess.

 For example, is your bed the same length as your couch? How many spaghetti did I count for my bed? How many spaghetti could I estimate for the couch?

 Write down how many you think. Then choose 1 item to measure using ONLY macaroni or spaghetti or rice. Write down the actual number beside your estimated number. Were you close?

Have fun with measuring your items!! If you can, take pictures and send them to my email so I can see how you’re doing!!!

Then, please log on to Dreambox either on a tablet or home computer and get some coins by playing the games for at least 20 minutes.

Please email me at if you can’t find your Dreambox login information from the last online learning time or if you have any questions.

Thinking of you all!!

Mrs. Barry