Homework for May 4

Posted: May 4, 2015

Read for 15 minutesStudy Spelling words (Prepare for Spelling Bee)Finish Thank you cardMath - Grade 3 - Finish Show What You Know, page 262Math - Grade 4 - Finish Show What You Know, page 246Gr 3 Spelling Words -about, banana, clean, early, grew, laugh, river, winter, above, beside, drink, few, hurt, light, together, world, across, between, dream, front, heavy, listen, weak, better, careful, eight, grow, kitten, matter, weekGrade 4 Spelling Words - address, broken, cocoa, enough, hundred, whisper, tomorrow, thousand, afternoon, breakfast,  chimney, furniture, remember, several, umbrella, pencil, against, brought, different, family, question, tomatoes, without, through, answer, chocolate, doctor, herself, something, weather, peace, thought, beautiful, company, either, himself, suppose, whether, piece, throwAll students are to study the underlined words for their grade level, Students who wish to participate in the Spelling Bee are to study all words in their grade level.