Homework for May 15

Posted: May 15, 2015

Read for 15 minutesAlle students are to study the underlined words for their grade level. Those students who will be competing at the school's spelling bee are to study all the words for their grade level.Grade 3 Spelling words - warm, shall, pick, much, far, doctor, try, small, own, long, carry, pencil, today, six, only, kind, bring, against, ten, show, never, keep, either, several, start, seven, myself, hold, answer, whisperGrade 4 Spelling words - world, feather, cloud, banana, cause, dime, else, knew, without, shook, finger, building, center, deer, knock, knife, twelve, country, between, busy, course, dirty, weather, sometime, question, shine, awake, button, creek, dream, hungry, plate, thought, pail, brick, careful, cross, early, kitten, suppose