Reading Challenge Winners

Posted: March 24, 2017

Grade 3: Addison Pleadwell won 1st place and Madison Daley won 2nd place.

Grade 4: Emily Mullin won 1st place and Sadie Connors won 2nd place.

Grade 5: Gracie Richardson won 1st place and Lily Doucette won 2nd place.

Grade 6: Taylor Foran, Madison Jardine, and Michaela Theriault tied for 1st place.

Grade 7: Alex Stewart won 1st place and Devon Edwards won 2nd place.

Grade 8: Emma Sturgeon won 1st place and Jordan Jardine won 2nd place.

First place winners received $15 gift cards, and second place winners received $10 gift cards for the Book Fair. Congratulations to everyone.