Posted: September 5, 2013

The staff of Millerton Elementary Junior High would like to WELCOME all new and old students back to school for the 2013/2014 school year! We are planning lots of cool events this year and hopes everyone will do their best to keep filling their buckets!   Here are some important information and upcoming events! The student fees this year are $15.00 for grades K-2 and $20.00 for grades 3-8 All Athletic Fees this year are $15.00 for elementary and $25.00 for middle school. Soccer has started for middle school! 

Posted: June 5, 2013

The Home and School is taking Millerton School to the Golden Hawk on Friday June 7th, for the year end trip! We will leave the school at 8:30 am for a fun filled day of activities both indoors and outside. Please be sure to dress for the weather, shorts, t-shirt, sneakers.  (No flip flops). We will only be returning to the school at 2:30, so ALL STUDENTS WILL GO ON 3:00 BUS RUN!  

Posted: May 27, 2013

As the year end gets closer, there is alot of events coming up! June is a very busy month here at Millerton School.   Here is a list of Up Coming Events!   June 1st - Yard Sale/ Breakfast- put on by Home and School here at Millerton School. June 5th- Grade 3/4 class going to Doaktown to release Salmon. June 7th - Grades K - 8 - Going to Golden Hawk for year end trip. June 10th - Grade 8 - Travelling to Fredericton to meet French Penpals with Dailogue NB June 11th - Peacekeepers Trip to French Fort Cove. June 13th - Year end Dance! June 14th - Science East setting up Planetarium.

Posted: May 27, 2013

Is physical activity really good for you? Did you know that by increasing your physical activity you can greatly reduce your chances of getting sick? You will also be happier and healthier! Playing outside with your friends is a fun and easy way to stay physically active. Running improves your heart, lungs, flexibility and gives you more energy! Running can also help you improve in other sports. Don't forget to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day! Lace up your sneakers and get out there to accumulate kilometers and Go For 42.    

Posted: May 22, 2013

How do I get enough energy to be physically active?   Did you know that it is important to energize yourself by eating well before you play sports or going for a run?   Carbohydrates are the most important type of nutrient that kids need for energy before a game. You can get these by eating fruits, vegetables, grains such as pasta, spaghetti or breads. Avoid foods containing high levels of sugar before a game, such as candy bars and pop.

Posted: May 21, 2013

Millerton School students recently displayed their skateboard creations and had lessons on how to ride safely and successfully. See photos at Millerton Skateboards . The Millerton program is similar to the program offered earlier this year in Blackville. For more information on the program see Blackville Skateboards . The Millerton program also involved two students from Harkins Middle School.

Posted: May 17, 2013

Mango mania is back again this month with Go for 42. For the next 5 weeks there will be posts on the website fivinig you information about being physically active, nourishing your body to enable it to keep active and encouraging students to particiate in the Go for 42 challenge at school. Won't you join us for the Mango Kids Fun Run on Sunday June 23rd at the Lindon Recreation Center, Miramichi?   Did you know that being physically active for at least 60 minutes a day will: Help you grow stronger, improve your health and fitness, and Help you to do better in school.

Posted: May 16, 2013

The students and staff want to Thank all the people who sent in books for our project! We now have a bigger, better variety!   REMEMBER : READERS ARE LEADERS!      

Posted: May 16, 2013

Congratulations to our Drama club for winning the following awards at Drama Festival Davey Wilson for Outstanding Actor Ben Turcotte for Outstanding Supporting Actor The Company for Special Adjudicator's Mention for Comedic Business The Company for Special Adjudicator's Mention for Accent Works   Congratulations to all the students for all their hard work! A HUGE Thank You to Mrs. Underhill for all the time and effort she put forward helping the students become Stars!  

Posted: May 9, 2013

The Miramichi Kinsmen and Anglophone North School District are pleased to accept film entries for the Third Annual Kin Film Festival. All students in ASD-N are invited to participate. Students may submit films in one or both of the two categories. The first category is the Kin Category. Films in this category will address the theme “Doing the Right Thing”. The second category is the Open Category. Films of any genre or subject matter can be submitted to this category. The top films selected in each category will be screened.


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