HOMEWORK - September 4th

Posted: September 4, 2014

Grade 8 Homeroom Some friendly reminders: Please bring in two boxes of Kleenex. Student fee is $20.00. Please return all paperwork and forms (student info etc.). Picture Day Friday September 12th. 8 LA Please remember to e-mail (paula.duffy@nbed.nb.ca) or bring in a recent picture of yourself for your time capsule project. Please bring in two sources/ items for time capsule. 6/7 LA Please bring in a recent photograph for your Time Capsule project. You may e-mail your photo as well (paula.duffy@nbed.nb.ca). Please make sure you have a reader’s and writer’s notebook for class. My World Sketch should be completed by the end of class Friday. SSR and reader’s notebook novel. 7/8 French Title Page should be completed by Friday’s class.