Homework - September 16th

Posted: September 16, 2014

Grade 8 Homeroom Student fee - There are still some students who have yet to pay their student fee. This fee can be paid to me in homeroom or directly to the office.  2 boxes of Kleenex  Time Capsule picture + 2 sources Fundraiser due September 23rd Pictures due back September 19th   6/7 Literacy – LA  Journal # 1 – some students did not complete this journal for homework.  Please note the students are not given specific time to complete this during class and therefore are given a full week to complete the journal at home. Those who did submit their reader’s notebook to me today in class will be asked to finish journal # 1 tonight. They willl lose marks for submitting it late.     Journal # 2 due Friday September 26th (reader’s notebook)                        Each journal should be a minimum of 1/2 page long and follow the format discussed in class.   Read 15 minutes  / Log   7/8 French The class was asked to find a fall photo from any source (internet, photograph, catalogue, magazine etc.) and be prepared to present the photo for Monday's class.  Over half the class did not come prepared to do so and therefore were given an extra day and should have been ready to show their photo on Tuesday. Again on Tuesday some sudents were unprepared, those students have one more night and will recieve a zeroif the assigmnent is not presented tomorrow.