Homework - Feb. 2 to 6

Posted: February 3, 2015

6/7 LA Read and Log (Mon to Thur) Students have been assigned a large Poetry project which they have been working on in class. However due to storm days and other school activities, we have been losing class time to work on this project.  Students are urged to think about working on some of their poems at home or during independent study as the deadline for completing the project will be assigned soon. There is ample class time to finish the project but students must make use of this time in order to finish. So far the students have been assigned the task of writing 4 poems for their folders as well as a tile/cover page. Wednesday the class will be introduced to a music lyric assignment which will take at least two classes to complete. 7/8 French Please begin collecting items to make your robot out of (old boxes, toilet paper rolls, shoe box, milk cartons, tin foil etc.). Please do not have your parents purchase new items for this project, our goal is to make a recycled robot. Good copy of paragraph due Friday. Good copy of advertisement due Tuesday Feb. 3