Homework - October 4

Posted: October 4, 2013

Grade 7- 2 Tissue Boxes (David, Davey, Wesly, Josh)- Get Math Review Signed (Wesly)- Bring in Non-Perishables: Food Drive until October 9th (Everyone but Josh and Lauren McK) [If all students bring in at least 3 items, I'll bring in a treat!]- School Pictures Order Form- Spooktacular tonight at 8:00 pm ($3 for students, $10 for family)- Food Drive Notice- Fall Wreath TicketsGrade 6- NoneGrade 5- Get Unit 1 Review signed (Jayden)- Get Unit 1 Test signed (Jayden)Another fantabulous week was had!  The grade 7 class were paired up with the grade 2 class for reading buddies and thus far they are proving to be awesome role models.  The grade 6 class got to go outside to find leaves for the good copy of their written piece "L'Automne".  And last, but not least, the grade 5 class found out how many minutes they have lived!  They also figured out that I've been around for 12 500 000 minutes ... that made me feel pretty old.  For any parents reading this, they also figured out how many minutes you've been alive as well.  Hope you all have a spookalicious time at the Spooktacular tonight! :)  See you on Monday for your 3-day week!!!